How Janet receives messages from Spirits

Janet’s style in receiving messages comes from many years of meditation and learning to become an open channel for Spirit. Each person is unique, so is the Spirit of your loved one, so each reading will follow in its own individual path and personal pattern. Janet meditates for numerous days on a reading before she even speaks to the client. Although she is open to using all the “Clairs,” her ability of Clairvoyance (seeing) is her strongest connection. When you watch a silent movie or see lightening flash in the sky, it leaves an imprint in your mind and stays with you for a number of seconds. This is very similar to the way a loved one leaves a message for Janet. They imprint an image in her mind. Clairaudience (hearing) is also a way for Janet to connect to those on the other side. Androgynous words will seemingly come from no where, out of thin air and often days before a reading. Janet pays attention and writes everything down. By the time your scheduled appointment arrives, she has pages of notes to share with you. Clairsentience (feeling), Clairailence (smelling) and Clairgustance (tasting) are also a fascinating way she sometimes receive communicable information. Smelling a pipe in her office where no one smokes, getting a whiff of perfume out of the blue, tasting a spice that has an international flare, always thrills Janet’s sense of wonder. Nothing warms her heart more than someone’s loved one dropping by to say hello in their own unique way.

Throughout Janet’s life she has also had many unexplained physical events happen around her and the tradition continues, often before readings. Shes had a printer start on it’s own, lights blink in her office during a reading, an angel on her desk move on and off for days before a reading, a door open, her shirt pulled from the side, she was poked in the arm, had shoes move and the list goes on. During one reading while speaking to the client, her doorbell rang. She could see no one was at the door and the client also heard it through the phone. Excitedly the client explained her loved one often came through and rang the doorbell at the exact time.

Their are times when Janet will feel the way someone has passed by receiving a pressure or pains in an area of the body that effected a clients loved one. She only allows this so she can better understand the situation and once the reading has concluded the feeling releases. Due to this situation it is one of many reasons she chose to take a series of Pranic Healing courses. It has been extremely helpful in releasing excess energy and clearing the body.

Each reading has its own “vibration.” No two reading are the same, Janet’s repeat clients can vouch for that. Your loved ones still hold the energy and love of who they were while here, although – they and we – are now in a new space. You can learn more in Janet’s book: Spirits…They Are Present.