Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I struggle daily with the loss of my husband.
I want to believe that he is “out there” and that he knows how much I love and miss him.
You provided some really amazing “evidence” considering that you had NO information on me whatsoever.
You’re simply amazing.

Words cannot express the respect I have for Janet. Her integrity is beyond reproach when it comes to her preparing for a reading. She doesn’t want forms filled out with full names and addresses of clients before a reading. Only a first name will do for Janet. No addresses and last names!

I contacted Janet by email with a throw away email address with no real first name. I sent my payment in by snail mail. Using only initials on the envelope, and I used a P.O. Box that doesn’t show who I am. I paid by money order and again, no real name attached. Not until a week before the reading did I supply her with my first name. Total “INTERGITY!”

I’m not new to readings. I’ve had a number of readings in the past. But nothing comes close to the evidence that Janet provided in the reading. She gave evidential information that only my son who passed away would know and my husband would know. She gave information that happened within the last week inside the house. She provided information on things that happened in the hospital when only my son and husband were present. One of our TV’s was turning off here at the house for a week, and her TV turned off as well. She had no previous knowledge that our living room TV had been turning off at the same time for a week, and has since gone back to normal. I asked my father for a sign with a nick name he called me when I was young. It came through. I asked my mother to send evidence… it came through. I asked my son to give me information that only he and I knew… well it came through as well. She gave me months that were important; colors that had meaning, sounds that had meaning & pages of evidence…that are nowhere to be found online or on the social media. The clincher came when she told me about a song I sang to my son and how I changed the words. She even gave me the name of the song. If there were a bull’s eye… she hit it dead center. If you ever questioned whether there is an afterlife or if you would see your loved one again… she’ll put that concern to rest….

Janet is a natural and has truly been blessed with a gift. My reading with Janet was nothing but AMAZING/EXTRAORDINARY… my reading with Janet gave me some peace that I haven’t had for a number of months.

I can’t “Thank You” enough, Janet.

Thank you for the amazing reading. There was so much information that I’m still trying to process it.
I liked the validating material… it gives me comfort and reassurance.
I also like messages that communicate useful and valuable content. This reading was a lot of both.

Your reading was amazing. I have never had a reading that unlocked
so many places in me, seriously it was profound.
My deepest thanks,
–S. C.

My husband of 31 years passed suddenly. When he came forward and apologized
admitting he had been on a different path that at one time, we traveled together, I understood this message.
Janet validated our difficult relationship which helped me to move forward in life. I now feel a sense of peace.

My wife just about smacked me over the head for not putting together that the child you had seen in the spirit world was (would have been) my Uncle Richard. You did mention a Richard as he was one of the names coming through so strongly. I had locked in on my friend Richard in Cincinnati and missed it. It is no surprise that Richard would pop up with my grandmother recently passing. I found that really quite impressive.

One part that really still stuns me though is the bit you said where you always say whatever popped up,
even when you don’t understand it and then told me of how you had to mention “buffalo.”
The day before my session I was immersed in researching Bison Dele – the NBA player
who mysteriously vanished in the South Pacific with Houston Smith’s granddaughter.
–Doug M.

I shared all the information you gave me with my family.
We enjoyed the gift our son gave us through you and you were so gracious in giving. Thank you so much.
It was an emotional day for us. We laughed. We cried.
This is to let you know that you made me feel at ease when I was so scared and anxious.
I was skeptical, but after talking to you, I definitely believe.
My son felt your loving spirit and that’s why it was such a success.
Thank you with all my heart, you gave me the greatest gift by letting me know my son is ok and still has his sense of humor.
–M. M.

I received a reading with Janet as a Christmas gift from a loved one and let me just start by
saying, WOW!!!

This has been something I have always wanted to do as I have lost many loved ones including my parents and grandparents.
I especially was hoping my mom would come through since I lost her at such a young age. I always
wondered if she knew how my life had turned out, did she see my husband and her
grandchildren? I wondered if she was proud of my accomplishments. I’m happy to
say she did come through and Janet made validations that she could not have
possibly have known about.

My dad and grandparents also came through along
with many others that I have been blessed to have had in my life.

What a comforting feeling to know I am surrounded by all my loved ones
and they are there watching over me.
This was an amazing experience, one I will cherish forever!!!
–M. G.

I wanted to write and express my deepest thanks to you for my reading.
Your time and gift is very valuable to me.
I thank God everyday for what he has given me and I am thankful he created you Janet Mayer.
I so appreciate you and my reading.
Kindest regards,
–W. L.

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciated my reading. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life and gave me a lot of closure that I really needed.