My Meditation Practice

Sharing the way I personally meditate may help you on your journey to connect with Spirit in your own way and on your own time.

I began meditating over 30 years ago (Yes, in the 1980’s) and the way I created my own meditation was so much easier than anything I have even read in any book. I think it may fit your needs too.

Because many, if not most people have a hard time meditating and sitting still at the same time, I came up with my own tried and true way to meditate. This allows me to gain the most benefits in a short amount of time.
No sitting like a twisted pretzel during meditation for this girl!

Let’s begin….

Start by slipping on some comfy clothes. This time is for you, so yes you may take a break from being a fashionista.

Grab a pen or pencil and a pad of paper. (This is a must.)

Set a timer for five, ten or fifteen minutes.

Find a chair, sofa, or something comfortable where you can relax. Do not lay on your bed, we know what will happen if you do, meditation time is over!

I prefer to sit with my feet up, but it’s not a requirement. This is your time, your practice, so be comfortable.

Next, begin with a short invocation and prayer of protection, or you may simply ask for your deceased loved ones to surround you in light.

Close your eyes, picture a road in front of you and begin walking. Yes, walking. Make sure this road is nothing you have envisioned in the past.

This is your road, it is unique and no one else can travel on it, but you. Make it special.

Walk one imaginary foot in front of the other, do this slowly. Yes, you may be able to actually sense that you are moving.

Keep walking forward slowly and keep looking straight ahead in your minds eye.

(If at any time your mind begins to wander, and it most likely will at the beginning, reminding you to go to the grocery store, or pick up your kids from school, maybe write that proposal, even go to the gym, etc… whatever it may be, open your eyes and write it down on your pad of paper, then close your eyes and continue.)
This will allow you to let go of pressing thoughts and continue on in your moving meditation practice.

Allow whatever needs to come to you to appear on your road. It can be anything.

Stop and look at it, but don’t judge it, then continue walking.

Their are no wrong thoughts, items or Spirits that can’t appear on your road.
This is your time, your spiritual senses are open and waiting to show you what you need right now.

You are on a protective road. Your vibration is radiating outward to create and accept
whatever you see.

When the timer goes off, give thanks for connecting to the Spirit world. Open your eyes.

Now, write down anything you wanted to remember from your meditation, date it and add the time.

Who knows, maybe you received something precognitive, saw something unusual or possibly saw a loved one in Spirit.
Maybe you just walked down an open road and it was beautiful. Nothing more was needed.
It is all good. There is no judgement on the road you walk.

Go about your day feeling refreshed.

I would suggest you try this a couple times per week, if possible. Add time on to your timer as you become more comfortable.
Let me know how it goes!


Janet Mayer