Biofield Viewer is a real time imaging system which reveals the subtle anatomy and physiology field of the human body. The biofield is a term used to describe the naturally occurring energy fields of the body. The Biofield Viewer allows us to visualize these energies by measuring the interaction of a controlled lighting source with skin. The differences in light intensity are analyzed in software to highlight the differences.

This technology is being used by scientists such as Dr. Jeff Tarrant to examine changes in the biofield before and after different forms of meditation and healing. Located below are a number of pictures captured by Dr. Tarrant while Janet spontaneously speaks the indigenous languages. You will notice that throughout the session, the biofield around her body changes dramatically. In addition, the size, shape and colors associated with the third eye also appear to change.

Janet expressed that a number of distinctive energies melded with her during the session and in some cases, the biofield would change very near the time that the energies seemed to shift. So far, Dr. Tarrant has been unable to replicate the dramatic and rapid way the biofield changed during this session with anyone else. Janet intends to participate in additional studies in the future to determine what can be scientifically learned from these experiments about channeling and Mediumship.

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Audio samples of Janet spontaneously speaking the indigenous languages during the biofield session.